• Our goal is to further the innovation gaming with new and fun ideas


  • Our goal is to further the innovation gaming with new and fun ideas


  • Our goal is to further the innovation gaming with new and fun ideas


  • Our goal is to further the innovation gaming with new and fun ideas



New Wolf Entertainment LLC is a small gaming company based around New Orleans, Louisiana. We would like to enter the gaming industry with good hopes to bring fun entertainment to all. Our goal is to further the innovation gaming with new and fun ideas. The company has started its journey by creating gaming apps but would like to move on to different platforms.


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We provide gaming apps to Apple’s app store and also to google play store.

Panda Ace

Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51



New Wolf Entertainment LLC takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. The following privacy policy will provide you with information about the personal information that is collected and how it is processed and used.

1. Privacy policy subject matter

This privacy policy applies to all services which are offered on New Wolf Entertainment LLC internet sites, in particular the New Wolf Entertainment LLC portal and the individual online game apps. Unless stated otherwise, this privacy policy exclusively regulates how New Wolf Entertainment LLC treats your personal information. In case you make use of services provided by third parties, the privacy policy conditions of these third parties apply exclusively. New Wolf Entertainment LLC does not revise privacy policy conditions of third parties.

2. Responsible contact

Responsible contact pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act is New Wolf Entertainment LLC, 3708 Lake Des Allemands Dr. Harvey, LA 70058.

In case you have any questions concerning privacy policy matters, please contact newwolf50@yahoo.com. At this email, you can ask about privacy issues, review, change or delete your personal information stored by New Wolf Entertainment LLC. Alternatively, you can also contact us using the above postal address. Please include the game that you have played and the platform.

3. Collection of information

Generally, you can access our Internet offering without disclosing any personal information to us. It is always your choice whether or not to provide us with your personal information. We collect your information to be able to fulfill the user requirement. In addition to monitoring compliance with the terms and rules this includes in particular the proper handling of your payment arrangements. Individual information such as IP address, browser type and access time will automatically be transferred to us by your computer and stored on our server. Except for the purpose of prosecuting unauthorized use of our website, we evaluate such information only for statistical and performance-related purposes. Where possible, the information is anonymized. In order to make the visit to our Internet sites as user-friendly as possible, we use cookies. After your visit to our website, these cookies are usually automatically deleted from your hard drive. Your Internet browser can be set to reject cookies generally. This can lead, for technical reasons, to restricted functioning of our Internet offerings. We gather, process and use personal information (unless already permitted by your computer statutes) only with your consent. If this consent is made in an electronic manner in the context of our online offerings, we shall fulfill the legal requirements to inform you about it.

4. Use of personal information

We use your personal data in order to constantly improve our services and to satisfy the user`s needs. New Wolf Entertainment LLC uses your personal information for the establishment, processing and settlement of your user relationship with New Wolf Entertainment LLC and the processing of payments. We use your information in order to communicate with you. This includes that we, as the case may be, inform you about novelties of our services via e-mail.

5. Transmission of personal information

Your data will not be sold to third parties. New Wolf Entertainment LLC exclusively transmits your personal data to the following extent:

We work together with payment providers (e.g. credit card companies, banks, PayPal, mobile services, debt collection agencies, etc.) providers that create and compile statistical data, IT service providers (e.g. data centers, hosts, backup services, database services).

These service providers only have access to your data to the extent which is necessary for the completion of their tasks. These service providers are obliged to treat your data according to this privacy policy and the relevant data protection statutes.

In the case that New Wolf Entertainment LLC is sold, your customer information will generally be passed on with the transmitted part of the company. In this case your data is also subject to this privacy policy and the relevant data protection statutes.

6. Deletion of data collected

If your data is no longer necessary for the above-mentioned purposes including the settlement, for tax purposes or other legal reasons it will be deleted.

7. Security of your personal information

We process the information collected from you according to the United States data protection law. All employees are obliged and have been advised to maintain data confidentiality.